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Industrial Property Cape Town

The industrial property market has seen some big changes in usage trends over the last few years. Large scale manufacturing has reduced and left many big factory areas standing vacant. Forward thinking owners have in turn revamped these factories into big warehouse space by increasing the roof heights and therefore the volume of the properties.
This is a wonderful and creative solution for the many storage facilities now required by the industrial leasing market in Cape Town. Our industrial team of brokers have been working their areas for over 30 years and know each and every property so well that they are in the best position to assist our clients in their decision making. Drawing on their knowledge and experience in both the building field and the industrial property market our team of brokers can give the best possible technical and practical advice when it comes to industrial property solutions that work.
Another factor is that many more workers are now driving their own cars and require parking in these industrial spaces which means thought and planning must be done to accommodate all the extra vehicles.
There are still a number of very large industrial properties available to rent, in the region of 8000m² to 9000m² and with the country looking to rejuvenate the clothing manufacturing industry our brokers have the perfect space for this. It is always far more cost effective to creatively remodel an existing property than to build new especially when the market is so competitive and rentals must be kept low. We understand that owners and developers still need to see a good return on investment and the industrial broking team at Divarisdata know how to find the best solutions for both landlords, investors and tenants.
We have noticed a strong demand from the smaller operators who want to purchase their own industrial premises and will purchase 250m² to 500m² sectional title factory units in small scale industrial parks whenever they come available.